Stream Commission Entry Form

$40 for a single character
+$6 for complex designs or poses
+$6 for nudity

$62 for two characters
+$12 for complex designs or poses
+$6 for nudity

No explicit content.
All prices in US Dollars (USD).

Faster pieces that are only available during commission streams, offered on a raffle basis. Done in color with basic shading and highlights and simple, abstract backgrounds.

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All commissions include a full-resolution version.

This is the sign-up form for Holtz's streams.

Fill in your username (the same one that shows up in chat), describe the picture you want, and link both pose AND character references along with any additional notes you feel are necessary!

Once you have your entry submitted, just speak up in stream chat and I'll check your prompt! If you're announced as the winner, you'll have five minutes to speak up in chat before another raffle is rolled.

Important: you may only have one entry at a time. If you submit a new entry, it will overwrite any previous entries! After 30 days without signing up on stream chat, your entry will expire!


Paypal invoice address:

References and notes:

Terms of Service:

• I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
• Payment for full commissions is to be made only after the rough sketch and composition are approved by the client.
• Payment for stream commissions is to be made as soon as the commission is accepted.
• Barring exceptional circumstances, refunds may only be initiated by me.
• I will not draw the following content (in no particular order):

explicit sex, "softcore" versions of kinks (such as vore, snuff, sexualized gore, rape/hard noncon, transformation, mind control, sexual torture, sexualized feral/animal characters, sexualized underage characters, watersports/filth, diapers, foot fetish, mpreg, multiboob), any real-life non-national flags, and political figures/images or symbols.

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