Commissions are offered via a raffle system, with between 3 to 5 entries drawn per week. They are done in color with optional backgrounds and other goodies also available. Once submitted, entries accumulate points as time goes on, and the more points an entry has the more likely it is to be selected in the draw.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the page!

Commissioned pieces may be streamed (usually at early-to-late afternoon NA, late afternoon-to-evening EU) either by my choice or by client request.

Follow me on or Twitter, or join my Discord server to be notified!

Price Chart Notes
Single character $40 to $90

Prices vary depending on complexity.
Items such as intricate outfits, wings, multiple tails, complex skin/fabric/fur patterns, firearms, tactical gear, etc, all add to it.

Prices for non-standard commissions may be negotiated ahead of time, just contact me.

All commissions include a full-resolution version.

Additional characters (each) +$30 to $80
Alternate versions (each) +$5 to $25
Complex Backgrounds +$25 to $55
NSFW Content +$5 to $15
All prices in US Dollars (USD)
There are currently 7 entries in the pool.
Average wait time: 12 days.

Commission Submission Form

Fill out the form below with the following details to submit your entry:
   - Online handle.
   - Your contact and/or PayPal email address.
   - A description of the picture you want drawn (be as detailed as possible).
   - Links to any references (character AND pose) required.

Attention! Please make sure all the references are in a single shared cloud storage folder or .zip file, and that the file names are descriptive. Your entry may be rejected otherwise!

If your entry is drawn I will contact you to confirm your commission details and payment. From there you will have 24 hours to reply before your entry is removed from the pool. Good luck!

Important: you may only have one commission entry at a time. If you submit a new entry, it will overwrite any previous standard entries! Please do not put any confidential or sensitive information in the notes!

Username: Paypal Invoice Email:
References and Notes:


Terms of Service:

• I reserve the right to decline any commission, without warning or stated reason.

• An entry being submitted into the system incurs no obligations from the client or from me.

• Payment for commissions is to be made as soon as the entry is selected and its price quote is accepted by the client.

• Requests by the client that deviate from the original brief may incur additional fees and delays.

• Barring exceptional circumstances, refunds may only be initiated by me.

• The prices listed on this page are strictly for non-commercial use. For commercial use, please contact me directly.

• Once completed, the client may post/upload both the low-resolution and high-resolution versions anywhere they wish, so long as the signature is retained. An exception is made for cropping images for avatars, profile pictures and similar purposes.

• I request no alterations be made to the images without consulting me first.

• I will not draw the following content (in no particular order):

hard kink content (including but not limited to vore, snuff, sexualized gore, rape/hard noncon, transformation, mind control, sexual torture, sexualized feral/animal characters, sexualized underage characters, watersports/filth, diapers, foot fetish, mpreg, multiboob) as well as "softcore" versions of them, any real-life non-national flags, and political figures/images or symbols.

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