About & Contact Info

"Transhumanism or bust!"

Hello, there! I'm Orlando Medeiros, aka Holtz! I'm a full-time freelance artist currently living in Brasília, Brazil. I draw a wide variety of subjects, but my main interests are character art and pin-ups, particularly with fantasy and/or cybernetic/sci-fi themes.

To ask me any questions, send an email to holtzfx@gmail.com.

I can also be found on DeviantART, Twitter and Picarto!

Commissions and Pricing

Last updated February 19th, 2021

Full Commissions
Standard Commission Reference Sheet
USD 50 to USD 70
for a single character

+USD 25 to USD 35 for each additional character
+USD 20 to USD 30 for complex backgrounds
+USD 5 to USD 15 for individual edits
Prices depend on complexity!
USD 60 to USD 80
per full-body view

Each full-body view includes a free USD 15 detail shot.
+USD 20 per alternate outfit edit of a full-body view
+USD 5 to USD 10 per close-up of simple elements
+USD 15 for more complex detail shots like busts, expression shots or miniature clothed views.

All full commission are in color and fully shaded, and include a full-resolution version.
If requested, a NSFW version may be provided for refsheets at no additional cost.

At the moment, Full Commissions are OPEN!

Stream Commissions
Single character Two characters
USD 32 - flats + highlights
+USD 5 for complex designs or poses
USD 47 - flats + highlights
+USD 10 for complex designs or poses
+USD 5 for nudity (no explicit content)

Stream Commissions are faster pieces that are only available during streams. They are done in flat colors with optional highlights and simple, abstract backgrounds (and include a full-resolution version).

Additional Information

- Prices are negotiable! Ideas I find particularly interesting may get discounts!
- Payment is requested only after the preliminary sketch is approved.
- SFW commission proposals are welcome! NSFW proposals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be charged extra for explicit content!
- I reserve the right to decline any commission proposals for any or no stated reason.
- If you use Discord, adding me (username holtz#2834) can speed up the feedback process considerably.
- Depending on how quickly you answer, once I start working on your picture it should be done within 3 days to 2 weeks. I don't like to keep clients waiting any longer than strictly necessary!

Take care out there, folks! :)

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